Advantages of Own Accident Insurance

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In addition to health and life insurance, a worker (especially if he is the main source of family livelihood) needs to specifically have insurance products that protect themselves against risks he faces particularly in working.

Therefore for those who have high-risk jobs, it is advisable to make accident insurance, in order to work to be more secure.

There are many professions that are prone to the risk of personal accident that needs to be anticipated especially for field workers or those working in the manufacturing industry. In accordance with labor regulations that every project or occupation in an industry should prioritize health and safety so that both individuals and companies must protect their employees with personal accident protection.

This is actually also beneficial for workers and companies if there is a risk of work accident. In general, every worker has been included in the protection of social security of labor and health because it is already mandated by law.

However, in reality the need for social security protection is not the same for each person so need protection outside the social security. Well, if you need other protection outside of social security, protection from private companies is the solution. There are many options to suit your needs.

What are the Benefits and Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance? Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance Not only Protects from Accident Risk

Because the special aimed at the protection of employees, especially those at high risk of accidents, then this product has a lot

1. Personal accident protection is comprehensive from minor to fatal accidents resulting in the death of the insured. This is important because workers are usually the backbone of the family so that every risk that occurs interferes with family income. This sense of comfort can be provided by the personal accident insurance.

2. Relieve Medical Expenses so You Are No More Suffering When Suffered

Any risk to health, especially in cases of personal accident, the cost is very expensive. We can never predict or budget for an accident risk because it can never be expected before. For these conditions personal accident insurance is the best solution that can alleviate during a disaster

3. Can be used as Old Age Guarantee

Insurance principle if used long term like a savings or savings. You are more confident and comfortable in making family financial plans for the future as personal accident insurance guarantees and even provides compensation for any risk of accidents that occur. Comfort like this can make the future and old days more secure and well planned.

4. Protection of Family If Risk Occurred In Insured Soul

Work accidents can be fatal to death. If this happens automatically your family will be affected by the cessation of head of household income. If you have a personal accident insurance, the income from the insured affected by the disaster to cause the income stops will be replaced by the insurer in the form of monthly compensation within a certain time as contained in the policy.

Another scheme of personal accident insurance is in the form of sum assured (UP) which nominal is also large. This UP can be used as venture capital to connect the family life left by the insured.

When is Personal Accident Insurance Needed? Illustration Sign up Insurance

For workers who have a risky profession such as the above review, self accident insurance protection is needed at the beginning of work. Companies that are bona fide usually have automatic job with the insurance program. If not, then it’s good you join yourself insurance program. The cost of a premium is nothing compared to the risk that you face later, whether the status is single, especially if you have a family.

Risk Guaranteed Personal Accident Insurance

A number of risks that could happen to workers / employees while undergoing their profession. This is why personal accident insurance exists. To be more clear about personal accident insurance, there are a number of risks that need to be known workers / employees who want to take personal accident insurance.

The following risks are guaranteed personal accident insurance and are listed in the insurance policy.

The risk of death or permanent disability caused by an accident, including poisoning by inhaling toxic gas or vapors, exposed to viruses or germs, and suffocates or drowns. Risk of maze or permanent disability caused by the entry of viruses or germs into the wound of the insured and complications or increases the severity of the illness caused by the accident which is guaranteed by the policy. How to grant the Compensation to the Accident Insurance Participant?

To quote the Indonesian Standard Accident Insurance Standard Indonesian Insurance Standards (AAUI) policy, the sum insured or compensation received by the insured or the participant of the accident insurance varies, depending on the risk experienced by the insurer. For the risk of death, the insured participant or heirs whose names are listed will receive 100% of the sum insured.

As for the risk of permanent disability, insurance participants will receive 100% of the sum insured. For the risk of partial permanent disability, the insurance participant will receive with a different percentage judging from the defects experienced.

The right arm starting from the shoulder joint will receive 60%.

The left arm starts from the shoulder joint will receive 50%.

The right arm starting from the top of the elbow joint will receive 50% .

The left arm from the top of the elbow joint will receive 40% .

The right hand starts from top of the wrist will receive 40% .

The left hand starts from the top of the wrist will receive 30% .

One legs starting from the knee until the groin will receive 50% .

One legs starting from the ankle to the knee will receive 25% .

The fingers of the right hand will receive 15% .

The left hand finger will receive 10% .

The finger of the right hand will receive 10% .

The index finger of the left hand will receive 8% .

The little finger of the right hand will receive 8% .

The little finger of the left hand will receive 6%.

The middle or sweet fingers of the right hand will receive 5%.

The middle finger or the sweet left hand will receive 4% .

The one toe will receive 8% .

Other toes will receive 5% .Once the eye will receive 50% .

Hearing on both aka ears n receive 50% .

Hearing on the ear will receive 25% .

On the ear leaf as a whole will receive 5%.

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