Prof. Achmad Subagio:
1. The Chairman of the Research Institute of the University of Jember, East Java
2. Experts from agriculture and food processing experts also graduates of Japan.
3. The inventor of Modified Cassava starch Flour (MOCAF)

The following statement he:

Instant coffee that is packaged and contain creamer/krimer could pose a negative effect in the body. The content of vegetable Krimer if consumed excessively in the long term could potentially cause hypertension and blood vessel blockage, since vegetable Krimer indigestible by the body.

Demonstration of a little experiment with three candles lit, who sprinkled its flames topped vegetable Krimer progressively enlarged, not dead.
This is because of the explosive nature of the vegetable Krimer, explosive or high explosive.
So much consuming Coffee Krimer, as well as incorporate the cholesterol in the body, because the dry hard digested by the body.

May consume the instant coffee, but don’t many many.

Then what about the white coffee?

White coffee, actually not the kind of white coffee. The white color was obtained from estrak sugar or vegetable oils are extracted.
The extraction process uses chemicals.

The manufacturing process also did not meet health standards, small coffee roasted peanuts with temperature, so the caffeine content and acid does not come down. It is done, so that the resulting powder color is not too black, it is not good for your health, because it could cause cancer.


Consume coffee should taste it and don’t overdo it.

Recommended consumed twice a day without sugar, a Cup in the morning after breakfast and a cup of afternoon after eating.

Black coffee without sugar provides benefits for the body, especially diabetics, because black coffee contains:
60 percent of nutrients.
20 percent Vitamin
10 percent of calories
10 percent minerals.

The following are the benefits of drinking coffee without sugar for the health of the body:

-Improve memory.
-Help the brain remains active also helps enable nerve to prevent premature dimensia.
-Improving intelligence, caffeine is a psychoactive simultaneous reacts with body and can improve mood, energy and cognitive function.
-Help clean “entrails “, so would often urinate.
-Dispose of toxins and bacteria in your body that is on the stomach out with urine.
-Help to lose weight, because it can burn fat.
-Can increase the body’s metabolism.
-Tackling heart disease, reduce the level of inflammation in the body so that it lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.
-As an antioxidant, a cup of coffee contains vitamins B2, B3 and B5 as well as manganese, magnesium and potassium.

START DRINKING COFFEE without SUGAR FROM Drinking black coffee NOW twice a day may prevent Parkinson’s disease, because the caffeine:
-increases dopamine levels in the body.
-improve your mood so be “drug’s” best to fight depression

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