How To Set Up Ad AdSense To Correctly Balance

Hello Friend blogger, not long ago Google AdSense has just launched a new feature that serves to regulate the number of serving mainly to bring up advertisements that have aCPC is high, the feature called Ad Balance.

To provide a better service for Google AdSense ads, publishers usually give some recommendations from the results of research they do both internal as well as external. In the case of the Google AdSense Team this time is not only limited to providing advice in the form of e-mail but they have launched a tool that could be regulated by the publishers themselves.

Here are some faqs for AdSense publishers when the set value of the feature Ad Balance.

Do we have to use the features of Ad Balance?

As a matter of fact we are given a choice of publishers that is we can use the features of the Balance of the Ad or not. But we know that every feature released by the party Google has been through a series of research and trials. It is not his fault if we also try to use these features to enhance the performance of your AdSense income.

What kind of blog is worth to use Ad Balance?

To the terms of his own blog Google AdSense does not explain the specifics of criteria a decent blog to use this feature, So all the blogs that already in receipt by the AdSense can try the performance of Ad Balance.

It should be noted however that for AdSense publishers is that we must understand the bottom Ad Balance works in systems that are already hard-wired automatically. This feature will collect data periodically from the behavior of the blog who use Ad balance. So to be able to display data accurately, Ad Balance requires sufficient blog traffic so that data collected can represent real behavior.

Ad balance serves as the regulatory balance between ads that have small and high CPC CPC. Way to own one of these settings is to set the rotation of ads. So for low traffic blogs that have then features could not run well and the data provided could not accurately.

Why are my AdSense ads not appearing?

A question that often comes up when setting the value of the Balance Ad was AdSense ads on their blogs instead does not appear evenly. Why can it be so? As already explained above that Ad Balance function to do the ad filter has small turnover as well as organizing CPC ads in every blog that has AdSense ads. The impact of setting the value of the ads or the percentage of ads that appear on your Ad balance will have an effect on the value of kecakupan.

If the percentage of occurrence of ads or Ads gives a value too low then it will decrease the value of kecakupan to all the ad units that are on the blog. But for blogs that have high traffic with a rotation of ads faster then the value of kecakupan not very influential despite the value of Ads on Ad Balance in setting on the low percentage.

Thus once again that in determining the value of Ads or impressions should consider the traffic of the blog itself. In this case the balance Ad features already provided an ideal kecakupan parameter was Estimated percentage value

How to set up AdSense Ad Value Balance correctly.

As explained above that Ad Balance work based on the data they get from the behavior of the blog are hard-wired or automatic. Then we should set the value of Ad Balance wisely and refers to the estimated value of the remains at number 100%.

Each blog will have a value of different Ads to generate the estimated value of 100%. If you impose the value of Ads that are too low and the estimated value is below 100% then ensured the ad unit you guys there that are empty.

To monitor how many percent of the empty advertising could you guys take a look at the percentage of kecakupan per unit ad that you guys have. In the application the AdSense reports via the android could you guys highlight on filters ad unit and report the value of kecakupan.

How To Read The Value Of Kecakupan?

Basically any ad units we put in one blog kecakupan has a value of 100%. So when we put up 4 ad, then the Union of the four units that ad will have a value of 100% kecakupan.

    • Ad unit 1 = Kecakupan 100%
    • Ad unit 2 = Kecakupan 100%
    • Ad unit 3 = kecakupan 100%
    • Ad unit 4 = kecakupan 100%

    When we do the Ads setting too low and estimated value be reduced below 100%, then the kecakupan against each ad unit will be reduced. The value of kecakupan can be illustrated as follows:

    “If there are 10 visits or 10 times blog page impressions and ad 1 unit only shows you ads as much as 5 times, then the value of kecakupan ad unit 1 is 50%.

    If there are 10 times or 10 times visit the blog page impressions and ad unit 2 only shows you ads as much as 7 times, then the value of kecakupan ad unit 2 is 70%. “
    So is the case in other ad units.

    Why do we have to Keep the value of the Estimated 100% Anyway?

    In addition to keeping the value kecakupan fixed 100% on all ad units are installed, we should also understand that Ad Balance only works to set the rotation and try to bring up ads with CPC is high. So from a deduction on the value of ad impressions by means of lowering the value of Ads does not mean all advertising that appears will always be worth the higher CPC.

    Still among the ads that appear there will be advertising that has low CPC. Thus if a lot of ads that are empty due to the value of Ads that are too low and then the visitors click on the ads is worth a regular CPC then this is an error management.

    With many advertising being empty, the number of people who will be doing a click will definitely be reduced. It would be more severe if the value of the CPC succeeded in click by a visitor to have a low price.


    From the discussion above, there are several things which can be withdrawn as a conclusion that is in regulating AdSense Ad on Balance value must be done correctly. Every blogger should keep the value estimated remained at number 100%. Along with the development of the blog the blog traffic then going up and that’s where we can do the setting in the value of Ads in order to provide better performance.

    Every blogger should apply wisely. Bloggers should focus more to the content and working to improve blog traffic so that the value of the Ads could be lowered without reducing the estimated value.

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