Laugh it off could help cure cancer

Makoto Kondo, a renowned cancer experts in Japan. He is Professor of Radiology at Keio University, with more than 40 years of medical practice, he boldly expressed the view dare not disclosed medical doctors etc.

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Keio University, Japan, then continued his studies in the United States, earning a doctorate.

His achievements award their first “Kikuchi Kan ke-60” pd thn 2012 (winner is contribute greatly to the culture of Japan).

Here’s some advice:

  1. The scary it is not cancer, but “the treatment”. Why would anyone that used to be energetic, be weak after esophageal cancer? This is because they have been through the process of “cancer treatment”.

During the “not treating cancer”, then the sufferer could keep his mind clearly and consciously, to the second-last second of his life. If handled appropriately, then the body can move freely freely.

Many cancers that do not trigger the pain, but if it really pain, it can be controlled.

If you don’t have the symptoms of pain, comfort, remain tasteful (to eat), but in a medical examination detected cancer, then this “cancer” is the “pseudo cancer (cancer of the fake/artificial)”.

With only rely on x-ray imaging for detecting breast cancer, 99% is also the form of pseudo, but mostly cancer sufferers will still undergo a mastectomy (breast removal surgery), it is recommended should be careful.

  1. Finding cancer early is also useless. Because since the inception of cancer stem cells, the cancer claimed the life of a person that was for sure. When found early, then “survival time” so much longer.

So, we got to see “the survival rate in 10 yrs”, could determine the sufferers can be cured or not.

  1. Operation is a serious injury artificial (man). After the operation, we will physically dropped dramatically, very susceptible-infected, could even leave a sequela difficult cured. He died on the operating table are also common. If the doctor recommends You for surgery, then consider with detailed, effects after the operation.

The medical community says: “once the surgery is done, then the cancer cells will be angry”. Because the operation will leave a scar, and the scar that’s damaging normal cells, so cancer cells in the blood would seep into, accelerating the breeding & spread everywhere.

  1. it’s highly toxic Chemotherapy. Cancer chemotherapy can be cured in reply only 4 kinds: acute leukemia, malignant lymphoma, testicular cancer, cancer koriokarsinoma. Certain types of cancer is just about 10% of all cancers.

If chemotherapy can prolong the lives of sufferers, yet to be proven further. The venom drug was very hard, it can be a serious side effect conferring wrote. The higher the age, and the longer it smokes, then chemotherapy toxicity would seem more obvious.

  1. Amounting to 90% of cancer is not treated, regardless, the surviving her life the same.

However current medical developments, actual cancer was impossible could cured by rely solely on human power.

About the testimony  “miraculously healed”, “cancer disappear no trace”, great touch with the pseudo pseudo cancer or cancer.


“Pseudo cancer” just like acne, disregard it, as it will naturally disappear on its own. However, the doctors thus propagating through print media or eletronik dg words promotion “we have managed to cure cancer ”

  1. Even though the doctors have confirmed that you are stricken with cancer, if you do not suffer because of the disease, then it is better to wait while watching. But, if You really want to treat it, then you are trying to consider the doctor’s diagnosis first if it’s true.


  1. Operation runs successfully cured cancer ≠ success. Though the surgery went perfectly, however the real solid cancer that also definitely will relapse.


  1. The more “sophisticated” process of therapy, the more you have to beware. A lot of technology reply is still in experimental stage, but so is arguably the “sophisticated”, sufferers will dutifully just like Buffalo nose. Bottom line, you better be careful with therapy that carries the word “Advanced”.


  1. examination method of x-ray beam or through 360 ° in its entirety, taking pictures of cross-sectional (cut – latitude) the inside of the body (the patient). Radiation dose once check the CT Scan was the equivalent of 200 – 300 time x-ray radiography is normal! Radiation dose and once check the CT Scan that can trigger the onset of cancer.


  1. Strengthen the immune system is not beneficial to the prevention of cancer treatment, even & completely ineffective. Why? Because the task of the immune cells are attacking foreign bodies from the outside, while cancer cells were formed due to the mutation of the cancer cells in the body itself. The human immune system will not consider the cancer cells as the enemy. Why cancer can grow up to 1 cm in diameter, because immune cells do not consider cancer cells as the enemy. This is undeniable proof of why the immune system can’t kill cancer cells.

What should we do?

Forget the cancer, don’t need surgery, do not undergo the process of radiotherapy or radiation therapy, chemotherapy, never ever do!

When the Agency began a new uncomfortable, think of how to ease the pain of it. So, get comfortable and relax extend life. If the doctor doesn’t explain, then you should not ask more, because no one knows You can live how long.

No matter whether it is cancer or other illnesses, all need to be addressed by a doctor. However, patients do not need to submit fully to the doctor related decisions determine the course of treatment, and doctors are not entitled to command soo lightly against the patient.

We can learn from yg stones keep rolling. The origin of the idea only, keep rolling stone will not be overgrown with MOSS. During our many moving body, always enable brain (thinking), then our body will not be corroded.

In addition, as long as we can make sense of (emotions) are becoming more contains every day pass through suka-duka, sad-a cheerful, then our five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) will not be a silent/plodding (thoughts or actions/response)

Stay away from things that are not pleasant, appreciate and are thankful for the favour of our life.

A lot of walking, blood will flow to all the members of the body, there will be live/silent at the bottom of the body, the blood pressure of the will be relatively stable.

Laugh it off could help move his facial muscles, body cavity insulation & so that breathing will become deeper, blood circulation will also better, ssehingga body will also feels warm.

Multiply enjoy delicious food, always doing things we like, so it could make the mood become cheerful, hardly need stress, make the body excrete more serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, improve mood and desire cheerful, so life becomes more cheerful.

From experience, as long as can keep the mood remains upbeat, will undoubtedly forgot discomfort/pain will not cancer & becomes more severe.

Nowadays, many died of cancer. Today, misfortune seems to befall others, but tomorrow it could just happen to us, who knows? Each person can only maintain health respectively.

Share with relatives and friends. Start doing a healthy lifestyle, dealing with the day to day with cheerful, this is the best recipe for cancer prevention!!!




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