Manage Rp 1,200 T Fund, Insurance Entrepreneurs Meet Jokowi Indonesia Presiden

Jakarta, Indonesia. Chairman of the Indonesian Insurance Council (DAI), Hendrisman Rahim, met President Jokowi to report the insurance day warning. In addition, he also brings aspirations from insurance entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

Hendrisman and entourage committee Insurance Day 2017 met Jokowi at the Presidential Palace Bogor, West Java, Thursday (7/12/2017).

Insurance Day is commemorated on October 18th. But this year the peak of warning will be held on 9 and 10 December in Padang.

Capital of West Sumatra it will be proclaimed as Insurance City. The show’s jargon is ‘Indonesia Berasuransi’ and ‘Smart, Prosperous, Independent’. This is to further civilize insurance in Indonesia.

The event will be filled by Indonesia’s largest insurance festival, running sport, and the breaking of two MURI records, namely the issuance of the largest polis and the largest carrier festival.

In addition, they also bring hope from the insurance businessmen. Insurance entrepreneurs want to meet directly with Jokowi.

“We hope that one day we can meet with Mr. President, we are all insurance industry players, CEOs, directors and commissioners,” said Hendrisman after meeting Jokowi.

The entrepreneurs want to listen to direct directives from Jokowi to advance the insurance industry. You see, he said, big insurance potential for development in Indonesia.

“It is undeniable that the insurance industry is so great that after this September it has been Rp 1,200 trillion more (generated),” he said.

The amount of money can be maximized again so it is more useful for the country. “Ultimately the funds or funds collected from the insurance fund can be used more for investment to increase development in our beloved country,” he said.

Hendrisman said, Jokowi expressed his willingness to meet with the insurance businessmen. The event, time and place will be confirmed again.

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